First one out! #000

Hi, I’m Tomasz and this is my new blog on Virtual Reality.

I’ve been software engineer for many years and recently got interested in VR. I do believe it could be the new platform for apps, learning and entertainment.

I’ve always was into human-machine interaction and new technologies and gadgets. Since we now have some of the consumer products out, we can play and learn.

All the new possibilities seem to be unlimited at this stage and the ways to express your creativity are beyond any known limits (and the sky is no longer the limit).

I’ve started reading some VR news first and then slowly exploring VR as technology but more specifically, software platform. Currently I see two options for getting yourself into VR development: Unity3D and Unreal Engine. I’ve bought few courses on these and I will be sharing my journey with you here. I wasn’t sure what to choose and at one point went for Unity but then attended a very cool and surprisingly good Unreal Engine event and decided to look into this one too.

I hope to get to a wider audience with this and I hope you’ll enjoy my writing. Additionally to VR development I may add few bits here and there about software quality, refactoring or even design patterns but I guess the time will tell.

As one of most popular hints on blogging is just start – this is what I got for my first shot. See you soon!

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